​​Essential oils are one of natures best kept secrets.
Holistic healing is nothing new, people have been using natural healing for centuries

DenimsReign offers a few essential oil mixes. We personally use essential oils either in our home, in our diffusers and for our well being.

As more and more people start to look for natural ways to deal with health and beauty issues, it seems that everyone has started to talk about essential oils as a possible alternative to chemical based products. I agree conventional medicine is often necessary, however natural is best. Prevention is key!  Essential oils do possess potent healing qualities and they have been used for centuries in medicine and in beauty products, but they are also very strong, so there are some basic facts that you need to know about essential oils before you start using them. Essential oils are not actually oils at all; they are the highly concentrated extracts of plants, which is what gives them their immense potency. With that said, if you do not know what you are doing, DO NOT do it. They can be harmful if not mixed properly.


Here you can order your oils that may help with:

Pain/Inflammation Oil 20ml $21.00

Face Moisturizer Oil 20ml $21.00

We also have:

Money Drawing Oil 20ml $21

Love (Attraction) Oil $20ml $21

 "Mind Body & Spirit"Bath Salts $21.00 - 8oz glass jar

May help with the total balance.

I'm convinced you can NOT heal your body if your Mind isn't right and your Mind can not heal efficiently if your Spirit isn't right.

Lucky Green Rice $21.00 - 8 oz glass jar

Rice is said to bring luck and Prosperity.

I make a blend of green rice mixed with spiritual and attracting ingredients.


Prices vary and are subject to change.

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Essential oils do not substitute for professional medical advice and treatment whether it's for you, your children or your pet. If you are pregnant, taking medicine or under a doctor's care, please do consult your physician.

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